When you are looking to automate your Linkedin activities you might feel there should be a way to automatically do the activities at optimized times. To meet your needs LinkedDominator allows you to create campaigns to automate your Linkedin Activities.

In this article we will learn how to manage a campaign in LinkedDominator, how it works and how to set it up properly so you can start activities as soon as possible.

Step 1: When you are on your selected module's page, you will find a button "Create Campaign" as shown in below screenshot. Please click on this button to proceed further.

Step 2: A new dialogue box will appear in front of you, where you need to configure your campaign to run at optimized time.


Step 3: Fill in the relevant information in the form which is explained as below:

  • Enter the campaign name: Give any name to your campaign to easily recall later for checking activity status and reports. (If you don't provide name to the campaign, software will randomly generate a name with module type and campaign creation date.)
  • Run on Selected days: Check this option if you want run the campaign on selected day with your activity settings. If you select like Sunday and Wednesday, so the software will run on those 2 days on the basis of time you have set that is the start and stop time.
  • Run daily: Check this option if you want to run the campaign daily with your activities settings
  • Schedule Later: Check this option if you want to run your campaign at later date.
  • Save Campaign: If you are sure that you have filled correct details in your previous page click this button to create your campaign.
  • Close: If you believe you still need to make changes in details for this campaign, click this button to return back to previous page.

    Step 4: Once you have successfully saved your campaign, you will taken to campaigns list page where you can see your newly added campaign.

    Step 5: Manage Campaign Status


    • Pause: If your campaign has started running, you can pause the process by clicking this button, your campaign will be paused till you resume it.
    • Resume: If you have paused the campaign, you can resume it to run by clicking this button, your campaign will be resumed from where it was paused.
    • Option: If you want to edit or delete the campaign or you want to see the report then right click on the options button and you will get the options.
    • Edit: If you want to make changes after creating a campaign, click this button and it will take you inside the campaign with your defined settings. (Note: If a batch is already running for your selected campaign, you will need to pause it by clicking pause button before editing.)
    • Delete: If you no longer have a need of a campaign, click this button to delete from LinkedDominator. (Note: This will remove all the reports, logs etc from the software for this campaign.)
    • Report: If you want see the full details of activities done for your campaign, click this button to get a full detailed report. (Note: Reports won't be generated if none of the activity has yet done for your campaign.)

      We hope you have learned how to create your campaigns successfully on LinkedDominator. You can still contact support if need further assistance.