In this article we will learn how to Post Ads using CraigslistDominator.

Step 1)  To PostAds using CraigslistDominator you need to visit: PostAd --> Add to Scheduler

Step 2) How to Schedule your Ads ?

Upload Email : 

    You need to upload your email id for Craigslist Account from which you need to Post your ads.

Category : 

        you need to select the category for which category you want to post your ads.

You need to select any one category from the first drop down list.

After that select the category and subcategories also, like shown below :

Upload Image :

        If you need to upload images with your ads then you can go for this option otherwise not.


For uploading the images you need to select the checkbox for uploading the images.

Select Locations :

        Select the locations you need to post your ads in your suitable locations from the location column.

Step 3) How to Schedule your Ads ?


After selecting all the above details click on Schedule button to Schedule your ads.

Note : For each and every category you selected schedulings will be different.

Similarly you need to fill the details and upload them with the text file format.

Step 4)  After scheduling the ads you need to visit: PostAd --> Scheduler Posting Ad

You can see the ads in the scheduler as shown below : 

Select the checkboxes for the ads you want to post.

  • Start Post Ad : If you want to post your ads you can click on this button after selecting the ads you want to post.
  • Delete :  If you need to delete any ads from Scheduler.
  • Refresh : Click on this button to see any new ads added in the Scheduler or not.

Note :- After the ads are successfully posted you will receive an email to your email id that the ads were successfully posted.The email id that you have provided in the Email section in Ad to Scheduler module.


Getting trouble in adding accounts contact support.