In this article you'll learn how to send mail in CraigslistDominator.

Note :- For sending mails to receiver you need to send mail using only gmail or hotmail or yahoo mail id.

Step 1)  To send mail using CraigslistDominator you need to visit: Mail --> Mail Manager

Step 2) Sender's Information/Details

In sender details you need to use either gmail or yahoo or hotmail email ids only otherwise the mail won't be sent to the receiver.

For uploading your mail you need to again upload those email ids with password in the account module and don't worry those account status will show fail but here in Mail module those accounts will work.

Select accounts using the select account(s) button.

Step 3) Receiver's Information/Details

Upload the receiver's email id only here the mail ids can be any mail id. Just upload the email ids in a text format and upload them.

Mail Settings : 

Sender need to fill various datas for sending mail to receiver.

  • Subject : You need to upload subject in the text file and upload it by selecting the checkbox.

  • Body Settings :

            You need to upload the body/description in the mail in text file and upload it by selecting the checkbox.

  • Spintax :

            If the body/description is in spintax format then select this checkbox.

  • Attach files :

            If you want to attach some file you can upload them too.

Action :

  • Send mail : when every field is uploaded then click send mail button to send mail to the receiver.
  • Stop : If you want to stop the process then you can click on this button.

Getting trouble contact support.