In this section we will learn how to select , export and delete accounts in CraigslistDominator.

Step 1)  To Select, Export and Delete Account(s) in CraigslistDominator you need to browse: Account--> Accounts Manager 

On this screen you will find 5 buttons like : Add Single Account, Load Multi-Accounts, Select, Export and Delete.

Step 2) Click on "Select" 

To select Craigslist Accounts you need to click on button "Select". Once clicked a modal window will Popup and either you can select "All Accounts" or "Working Accounts" or "Not Working Accounts" or "Not Checked Accounts" or "Deselect All" option as per your choice.

  • All accounts :- If you need to select all accounts.
  • Working accounts :- If you need to select only working accounts.
  • Not Working accounts :- If you need to select only not working accounts.
  • Not Checked accounts :- If you need to select only not checked accounts.
  • Deselect All :- If you want to cancel all the selected accounts.


You can select the check-boxes in Account Details like shown below :

Step 3) Click on "Export" 

You can export the Account details in csv file, like shown below :

Select the accounts by selecting checkboxes and then click on Export button.

After that you can see in the Activity Log as the software will show a message in the logger as "x no. of accounts exported successfully".

You can view the exported file in a folder "CraigslistDominator" over Desktop window which was created by default created while installing the software.

Step 4) Click on "Delete"

If you need to delete the accounts you can do so by selecting "Delete" button in Account Details, like shown below :


You can delete the account from the Action section also, like shown below :

Getting trouble contact support.