In this article we will learn how to share with email using RedditDominator,

Step 1)  To share with Email using RedditDominator you need to visit: Sharing --> Email Share

Step 2) How to use this feature ?

You can input the datas manually or you can browse for them.

All you need to do is to copy the link and paste in the input field.

And here below is how you do that one.


Also if you hover your mouse pointer on any option it will show you message.

You can see below for understanding.

Even if you move your mouse along with the browse a separate input field will appear for every Browse options like: Link, Send Link To, Your Name, Your Email and Message To Share. Also you can see below how it appears.

Here you can paste the link you want to share with email.


You can use the Browse button also.

Step 3) Selecting account

Step 4) How to start the process ?

After the above process is done then you can start the process either create campaign or run now.

After clicking on Create Campaign you can either Run on selected Days or Run Daily.

Getting Trouble Please contact support.