In this article we will learn how to use urlsubmitter using RedditDominator,

Step 1)  To use urlsubmitter using RedditDominator you need to visit: Submitter --> Url Submitter

Step 2) How to use this feature ?

To submit an url you can input the datas manually or you can import the data individually for Title as well as for Url.

You need to check use the Imagetyperz credentials for solving captchas.

For this keyword to work for you, you need to select your accounts first then only it will work otherwise not.

For each and every word you enter, the account(s) selected start logging in one by one.

You can see in the activity logger also the account is getting loaded as much time the new word is entered.

After the above process is done then you can start the process either create campaign or run now.

After clicking on Create Campaign you can either Run on selected Days or Run Daily.

Getting Trouble Please contact support.