In this article we will learn how to add connection by searching people with second degree connection using Linked Dominator, so you can start adding  your connection.

Step 1)  To add connection using LinkedDominator you need to visit: connection--> Add Connection

On this screen you will find several option to find users to connection.

Step 2) Select "To second degree connection" as a source to add people

To connection from LinkedDominator you need to provide source for searching people. As you are looking to search people with your second degree connection. select "To second degree conneection" as your source

Step 3) Input 

Once you have selected your source in above step you will see a input area to second degree connection. In this input field you can type or load number of keywords you want linked Dominator to add connection in a day from each of your accounts.

Import with text file: You can also import a text file with multiple keywords by clicking button "Import From File".