In this article, We will learn how to FaceDominator tool helps you to add a folder to Monitored Folder section using which you can Post on Facebook groups, pages, and walls.FaceDominator allows you to Post your content and drive Facebook traffic to your website/groups /blog/pages.

Step 1)  Select Folder from the system

Click on FB poster module ===> Go to the Monitored Folder module ===> You can give the path of the folder or you can click on the

Browse button to browse the folder that you want to post from the system ===> Select the desire folder from the pop-up window and click on the Select Folder button.

Step 2) Post Description on post template form.

It will show the path of the folder and you can give the message as template form as shown in the picture ===> click on the Save to folder list.

You can view the saved folder list(s)

Step 3) Save the Post.

After writing the description you need to save it then it will show under the saved folder list. From there you can edit or delete the Post template and folder also.

Step 4) Post the monitored folder.

After saving in Monitored folder, you can post this folder’s content from the poster module. Go to poster module select the publish post where you want to post the folder’s content. Then select the Monitor folder option in the publish source.

Step 5) Save to post the monitored folder 

Click on select folder path then pop window will open where you can get the saved monitored folder one .Select the folder and click on save folder. It will appear on the monitored folder post.

We hope you have learned how to a folder to Monitored Folder using FaceDominator. If found any problem contact support.