Step 1)  To add Multiple accounts in LinkedDominator using CSV File you need to visit: Account--> Accounts Manager

On this screen you will find 3 buttons :- Load Accounts, Add Single Account, Delete Accounts.

Step 2) Click on "Load Accounts"

To add multiple LinkedIn account you need to click on button "Load Accounts". Once clicked a modal window will open where you need to upload a .CSV file with the your accounts details in below format.

Without Proxies Groupname(Any Name):Username:Password
Public Proxies
Groupname(Any Name):Username:Password:Proxy:Port
Private Proxies 
Groupname(Any Name):Username:Password:Proxy:Port:ProxyUsername:ProxyPassword

It will automatically check the accounts are working or not and will update the number of followings,followers and post.

Getting trouble in adding accounts contact support.