You can do a lot with an older account, Facebook will be more permissive as you’ve been around for a while and shown that you’re not there just to spam.if you make a new account just for doing Facebook Marketing with it, you will have to be very careful. Don’t just create the account and do more activity to that account like go join hundreds of groups and start posting because you will be banned by Facebook before you even manage to join a couple of groups. Just think about it, how does that look? What normal person that wants to join Facebook will do that? It’s a dead giveaway that you’re there to spam and Facebook knows it.For new accounts start really really slow, for the first 2 weeks at least vary your action and take is slow. Make a couple of new friends each day, post on your wall whatever you want, join 4-5 groups a day, no more, like some pages and feeds, comment on some pages and so on. Make it look like there’s a real user behind all this. After the initial 2 weeks just start slowly increasing the page, joining more groups and posting more in groups but again don’t overdo it and make sure you choose groups that follow the above points.It also helps a lot if you verify the accounts with a phone number – just something to keep in mind.