In certain situations, you may wish to define exceptions within your AVG program, so that AVG will ignore certain files, folders or websites when scanning.

Note: Always make sure that the file, folder or website is absolutely safe. Even legitimate files and trustworthy websites may be compromised.

STEP  1 - Open your AVG  Anti-Virus

STEP 2 - From the Options menu select Advanced settings.

STEP 3 - In the left pane select Exceptions.

STEP 4 - In the right pane click Add exception.

STEP 5 - After click Add exception it will show you an drop-down button from there you have to select your exception type what yo want to add as exclusion


STEP 6 - After select exception type choose  path of the file or folder from browse button , after select path enter OK


 NOTE- Path of the software for add an exclusion


          2.C:\Program Files (x86)\Dominator House

STEP 7 - Click OK again to save the settings.

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