STEP 1 - Open Kaspersky Anti-Virus

STEP 2 - Open the Settings window in Kaspersky Internet Security.

STEP 3 - In the Settings window, go to the Additional section and select Threats and exclusions in the right frame.


STEP 4 - In the Threats and exclusions settings window, click the Configure exclusion rules link.

STEP 5 - In the Exclusion rules window, click Add.


STEP 6 - In the Add a new exclusion window, in the File or folder section, click Browse. Select the folder with the file or enter the full path to the file from the keyboard.

STEP 7 - Click Select.

  STEP 8 - In the Object field, enter the name or a mask for the type of threats according to the Virus Encyclopedia.

  STEP 9 - In the Protection components section, select the check boxes for the components to which the rule will be applied.

  STEP 10 - Select the rule status:

  • Active. The application does not scan selected files or folders.
  • Inactive. The application scans files and folders ignoring the rule.

 STEP 11 -  In the Add new exclusion rule window, click Add.

NOW you are done with add exclusion in Kaspersky

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