In this article we will learn how to use Monitor Folder in GramDominator.

Step 1)  To user Monitor Folder in GramDominator you need to visit: Insta Poster--> Monitor Folder

As you can see from the screenshot you can enter the folder path or select image folder you want to add.

Step 2) Post Description on post template form :

Here  we use default post template (caption) as displayed in below screenshot. It takes File Name, File Type, File Title, File Creation Date, File Tags, File Comments of each images uploaded as caption.



E.g, Lighthouse JPEG image 7/14/2009 11:02 AM     


Step 3) Save the Post :

After writing the description you need to save it then it will show up under Auto Posts List. There you can manage your posts (Changing caption for individual images, deleting images etc.)



Step 4) Post Monitor Folder :

Once you add your desired folder into Monitor Folder, now you are ready to post all the images in that folder at once. Now what you need to do is, go to Poster > Monitor Folder > Select Monitor Folder > Choose your desired Folder > Save Folder(s).




We hope you have learned how to posts images in bulk with GramDominator. Getting trouble in using Monitor Folder contact support.