In this article we will learn how to delete your posts in Instagram using GramDominator.

Step 1)  To delete posts using GramDominator you need to visit: Insta Poster--> Delete

On this screen you will find Delete all posts option to delete all your Instagram posts.

Step 2) Select "Delete all posts" :

Select this radio button to delete all you Instagram posts.


Step 3 ) Set Delay :

You can set delay (in Sec) between deleting each new photos.


Step 4) Select Accounts

In this steps you need to select accounts which you want to use to upload profile picture. You can select multiple accounts by checking the boxes.



You can also filter the accounts list based on groups you have created.



Step 5) Save Campaign

Once you are done with configuring the above steps you are all set to start Deleting posts. 



Run Now: You can start the campaign right away by clicking this button. 

We hope you have learned how to delete posts with GramDominator. Getting trouble in adding accounts contact support.