In this article we will learn how to Upload photos as profile picture using GramDominator, so you can start Upload photos as profile picture.

Step 1)  To Post your Images by using GramDominator you need to visit:  InstaPoster--> Poster :

With Single post: 

With Multiple Posts:

With Monitor Folder:

On this screen, you will find three ways to create single/multiple posts:


Step 2) Select Create Single post, If you want to post a single message with single images :

Easily you can Post your Text Message, Picture in Instagram follow this steps:

  • Click on Create single post
  • Write your post in text area field like this.                                                                                                                                                

  • If you want to post a message as a spin tax message, then you need to click on Spintax check box.
  • Now let's talk about spin tax message, What is spin tax message:

            Posting the same post can easily lead to a Instagram spam flag.

    • Here is a simple example:

      To wish your friends a good day you can use any of the phrases:
      1. Good day
      2. Lovely day pals
      3. Beautiful day friends
      4. Enjoy your day good people
      5. Good day friends
      ... etc

      All these phrases have close to the same contextual meaning.Now combine above variations and more in a single post do the following:

                           (Lovely|Good|Beautiful|Enjoy your) day (|friends|pals|good people|my favourite persons)

  • If you want your text message should have come in multiple lines then you need to use some this Tags <n></n> between your text.
  • Now add Photo's , Click Add Photo at the bottom of the text area field.
  • Pick your Multiple Or Single photos  and then upload in software.

Step 3) If you have multiple posts and you want to post in Instagram :

Now if you have multiple posts and you want to post in instagram. So you need to click on Create multiple posts and you will see three option on your screen:

Create Multiple Posts:

If you have different text messages, Images So need to click on a button, A pop will appear that you can upload one by one text message, Images. This process follows same for other blogs.

Import From CSV:

This is another option to upload your post by using CSV file. First, you need to click on a  button, A pop will appear that you can upload your CSV file and CSV format should be like this: 

Import From Text File:

Now, This is last option to upload your Multiple posts through NOTEPAD FILE OR (.txt) FILE. First, you need to click on a 

 button, A pop will appear that you can upload your Text File and Format should be like this:


For Example, Please check this note snapshot

Step 4) If you want to post bulk images from a folder then choose Monitor Folder :

If you want to post all your image from a folder you can do that using Monitor Folder. Learn more about Monitor Folder - Here

Step 5) To select How you want to post your post :

  • Now select the radio button how you want to post your content or images in Instagram i.e as profile picture or as normal post.

Step 6) Set Delay : 

                  Here you can set delay between each posting and delay between accounts.

Delay between Jobs : You need to set the delay for each post and it will be in minutes

Delay between Accounts : In case if you are using multiple accounts and you want to set delay each accounts to start posting. You can set the delay here and it will be in seconds.

E.g - Say you have 10 images to post from 3 accounts, then according to above delays provided, Account1 will post 1st Image and waits for 30-60 minutes before posting another image. As soon as Account1 posts an image  Account2 waits for 10 to 20 seconds and posts an image and again Account2 waits for 30-60 minutes before posting another image. And once Accounts 2 posts an image Account3 waits for 10 to 20 seconds and posts an image and again Account3 waits for 30-60 minutes before posting another image and this goes on till all the images gets posted.

Step 5) Define number of posts you want to post in a day - 

Here you need to provide the number of posts you want GramDominator to post with each selected account

E.g,  If you want to Posts 50 in a day from your account fill "50" in the input box.

Step 6) Post unique media from each account - 

If you have multiple images to post from multiple accounts, using this option you can make each account to post unique images.

Step 7) Select Accounts

In this steps, you need to select accounts which you want to use for post images in instagram. You can select multiple accounts by checking the boxes.

You can also filter the accounts list based on groups you have created.  



Step 9) Save Campaign :

Once you are done with configuring the above steps you are all set to start following users. There are 2 ways to save a campaign.



  • Create Campaign (Recommended): You can create campaigns to run with multiple batches at different interval of time or schedule to run later by clicking this button. Learn more about campaigns here:
  • Run Now: You can start the campaign right away by clicking this button. Software will run such campaigns only once and complete the friend requests count set by you in one run. If you want to run daily or run in multiple batches click "Create Campaign" button.

Step 10) Check Reports :

Once you have saved a campaign you will be redirected to campaign manager screen, where you can check full report about your poster campaign.

We hope you have learned how to post images with caption in Instagram with GramDominator. Still Getting any issue, Please  contact support.