Throughout the software you will see the term batches, which may sound confusing for those who are new to FaceDominator.

In this article we will learn what are batches, how it works and how to set it up properly so you can start activities as soon as possible.

What are batches

In other words you can call batch as operation or job you want the software to perform at once. While creating campaign you will set the number of activities you want the software to perform in a day.

When you click on "Create Campaign" button, a modal window opens which asks you to create campaign. By default you will be able to see 2 batches with later one inactive.

1) Run daily

    Those who wants to run their campaigns on daily basis needs to check this option. Once this option is checked FaceDominator will start your campaigns daily to complete the set number of activities.

2) Run with multiple batches

    If you want to complete your set number of activities in more than once during a day, please check this option. Note: If you won't check this option software will automatically create one campaign with batch 1 percentage as 100%

3) Add Another Batch

    If you have checked "Run with multiple batches" option in above step. You will see that Batch 2 is in active mode now. If you want to add third batch to your campaign, click on "+" symbol next to Batch 2

Once you click on (+) Batch 3 will get added.

4) Start time

Start time tells the software at what time it needs to run the batch for your campaign. Note: Start time is in 24 hours format.

Exa: If you have setup a campaign with 2 batches with start time 09:00 and 15:00 respectively. Your Batch will start at 09:00 AM and Batch 2 will start at 15:00 and complete the percentage of activity you have set.

5) Percentage to complete

This tells the software how much activity you want to complete from your daily count in a batch. The total of your batches cannot go above 100%. When you set percentage of Batch 1 by x, you can only set (100-x) in rest 2. With minimum 10% for a single batch.

Exa: If you have created a campaign to follow 50 people a day, and created 3 batches with configuration as 1) Batch 1, Start time: 11:00, Percentage to complete: 40%, 2) Batch 2, Start time: 15:00, Percentage to complete: 30%, 3) Batch 3, Start time: 18:00, Percentage to complete: 30%

Software will work as follows

  • 11:00 AM:- Batch 1 will start and send friend requests to 20 Facebook users.
  • 15:00 PM:- Batch 2 will start and send friend requests to 15 Facebook users.
  • 18:00 PM:- Batch 3 will start and send friend requests to 15 Facebook users.

6) Split by default

If you want to do same number of activities in all batches, check this option. And it will calculate the percentages based on number of batches selected.

7) Schedule later

If you want your campaign to start at later date, you can check this option. Once checked you will be able to see date picker where you can set the date when you want the campaign to run.

Note: As you can set time in batches section, we don't provide option to set time with date for your campaign. Software will pick the time to run based on the set time for Batch 1

We hope you have learned what batches means on FaceDominator. You can still contact support if need further assistance.