In this article we will learn how to edit/change pinterest accounts in PinDominator.

Step 1)  To edit/change single account in PinDominator you need to visit: Account--> Upload Account

Step 2) Click on "Edit" Under Action

To edit/change your Pinterest account in PinDominator you need to click on "Action Button". Once clicked a modal window will open where you need to click on "Edit" button and then edit/change the required information about your accounts.

Step 3) Edit/Change accounts details

  • You can Edit the accounts details i.e Email, Password, Niche, GroupName. And in "Advanced Settings" you can edit Proxy Address, Proxy Port, Proxy Username and Proxy Password if you have any.
  • Click on "Update Account"

We hope you have learned how to Edit/Change account in PinDominator. Getting trouble in editing account details contact support.