In this article, We will learn how to FaceDominator tool helps you To Extract user details from a Facebook event by using Event URL.

Step 1) To Extracting Details from A Event you need to Visit : FB Scraper--> Profile Scraper:

Profile Scraper By Event:

You need to Click on Find by Event button, then it will ask you for providing Event URL,if you have Multiple no of Event URL to Extract Profile, you need to click, user Import From file option(For this you need to Keep all the Event URL In a text file..)

Step 2) Select the option which data of Event want to Extract.

Select the option of the event Guest type(Going, Maybe,Invited,Can't Go), which profile you want to scrap.

Suppose you want All the people who are Going to the event, then Click on Going,then it will Extract all the People who are going to Event, Likewise you can Extract rest of the Data from a Event.

Step 3) Select the Gender, if you want to Extract/Scrap data of a perticular Gender.

if you want to Data of all the Male or female who are Interested or going or Invited then click on the Particular Gender, it will extract Data of that Particular gender, if you want all the data, then Click on both.

Step 4) Select the Location, if you want profile of a Particular Location.

If you want Data of a particular Location, then use the Location button, it will ask to input Data Manually or from text file.

Step 5) Select the Details to be scraped Button.

Select the Required data option for getting the Required Data you want, use can use all also.

Step 6) Define number of Data you want to Scrap.

In this input field number of Data, you want FaceDominator to Scrap from each of your accounts.

Step 7) Define threads

Threads mean the number of accounts you want the software to run simultaneously. Usually, we suggest to set the thread count equal to the number of Facebook accounts you are going to select for a campaign. However, number of threads means more CPU and RAM usage. So define the threads count depending on your machine's configuration.

Exa: If you have set thread count as 10, and selected 20 Facebook accounts to run for campaign. Software will pick 10 accounts from your list and start processing them, once it completes processing for one account it will pick another pending account to start the activity and go on.

Step 8) Set Delay

Delay in the sense, the no of Data you want to scrap In a particular time you put less more delay it will scrap data in that particular  time Interval, if you put less interval then it will Scrap  data In less time, but for account Safety keep the Interval 25-40 for scraping Data. 

Step 9) Select Accounts

In this steps, you need to select accounts which you want to use for extracting details from an event. You can select multiple accounts by checking the boxes.

You can also filter the accounts list based on groups you have created.

Step 10) Save Campaign

Once you are done with configuring the above steps you are all set to start extracting details from an event. There are 2 ways to save a campaign.

  • Create Campaign (Recommended): You can create campaigns to run with multiple batches at different interval of time or schedule to run later by clicking this button. Learn more about campaigns here:
  • Start Now: You can start the campaign right away by clicking this button. Software will run such campaigns only once and complete the post count set by you in one run. If you want to run daily or run in multiple batches click "Create Campaign" button.

Step 11) Check Reports

Once you have saved a campaign you will be redirected to campaign manager screen, where you can check a full report about your scraped details-campaign showing to how much details has been extracted and by which profile.

We hope you have learned how to extract details from an event with FaceDominator. Getting trouble in adding accounts contact support.