In this article, We will learn How Facebook messaging options give a convenient means that of staying up-to-date with business contacts. Every messaging possibility in Facebook has its own advantages, depending on your needs. The private message feature works like email, and your message goes to your friend's Facebook inbox. For additional immediate communication, you'll be able to use Facebook's chat feature, that permits you to send messages back and forth in real time. 

Step 1)  To send a direct message by using FaceDominator you need to visit: FB Messenger--> Send Direct Message:


  On this screen, You will send a message in two ways first Single message, second Multiple message.

Step 2) If you want to send a Single Message to Friends.

To send single message to friends on the Facebook then follow the given below step:

  • Click on Single Message check box.
  • Type Single Message which you want to send to friends.
  • Click on Select Friend button and Name of friends will appear in a POP-UP Form, also you can directly load there Profile URL in the input area.
  • Select the person or People you want to Message and save it.

Import from file: You can also import a text file with messages by clicking button "Import From File".


Step 3) If you want to send a Multiple Message to Friends.

If you want to send Multiple Message, then you can follow this little step:

  • Click on Multiple Message checkbox.
  • Click on "Make/View Multi-Message" a Multi-Message POP-UP window will open.

  • Then in that Multi-Message window you need to type the message and upload photos, after that save to message list. Then you can send those messages to friends.
  • After uploading the messages and pictures, close the multi-message window it will get saved automatically.

Other options in Multi-Message window:

  • Create xx duplicate copies: Once you have typed the message and uploaded the picture then you can give any count,like say "10" and click on "Add messages" so it will make 10 copies of that message and picture then will save that to message list.

  • Import Message from CSV file: You can directly import the messages and images from a csv file then click on "Import with CSV".

  • Export saved messages to csv file(s): If you have saved 50 messages with image and you want to use it for future use then you can save the same data's by exporting them to the csv file. Then click on "Save as csv file".

  • Delete message with no data from saved list: If by-mistake you have saved a blank copy to the message list then you can delete the same from the saved list by using this feature. You only need to select "Delete message with no data from saved list" checkbox then click on "Delete blank message" so all blank messages will be deleted.

  • Delete all saved messages: You can also delete all the saved message from the message list. You only need to select "Delete all saved messages" checkbox then click on "Delete all messages" so all messages from saved list will be deleted.

Import from csv file: You can also import a csv file with multiple messages by clicking button "Import From csv File".


Step 4) Compose your Message with Images.

  • Load Message: Type your message in the text area.
  • If you want to post a message as a spin tax message, then you upload your message in spin tax format
  • Now let's talk about spin tax message, What is spin tax message:
  • Posting the same post can easily lead to a Facebook spam flag.
    • Here is a simple example:

      To wish your friends a good day you can use any of the phrases:
      1. Good day
      2. Lovely day pals
      3. Beautiful day friends
      4. Enjoy your day good people
      5. Good day friends
      ... etc

      All these phrases have close to the same contextual meaning.Now combine above variations and more in a single post do the following:

                           (Lovely|Good|Beautiful|Enjoy your) day (|friends|pals|good people|my favourite persons)

  • Load Photos: Click on "Photos", then one Pop-Up window will appear on your screen. From where you can choose the photos and upload into the software to send to friends along with messages.

Step 5) Define the number of messages to send from each selected accounts

Example: If you want to send requests to 20 - 30 people per day from your account fill "20 - 30" in the per day input box.

        And if you want to send 10 - 15 per job then fill "10 - 15" in the per job input box.

        If you want to wait 60 - 120 minutes between each new job then fill "60 - 120" in the wait between box.

Step 6) Configure other options

If you want to send a unique message from each selected account, so you can click on this check box.

Step 7) Define threads

Threads mean the number of accounts you want the software to run simultaneously. Usually, we suggest to set the thread count equal to the number of Facebook accounts you are going to select for a campaign. However, number of threads means more CPU and RAM usage. So define the threads count depending on your machine's configuration. 

Exa: If you have set thread count as 10, and selected 20 Facebook accounts to run for campaign. Software will pick 10 accounts from your list and start processing them, once it completes processing for one account it will pick another pending account to start the activity and go on.

Step 8) Set Delay

You can set a delay between sending a message to profiles from one account. The software will randomly pick a count from the minimum and maximum value set by you and use for sending a message.

Exa: You have set a delay of min:- 30 and max:- 60 seconds. Software will pick random number as 45 seconds. So once it sends message to user1 it will wait 45 seconds to send message to user2.

Step 9) Select Accounts

In this steps, you need to select accounts which you want to use for sending a message. You can select multiple accounts by checking the boxes.

You can also filter the accounts list based on groups you have created.

Step 10) Save Campaign

Once you are done with configuring the above steps you are all set to start sending message. There are 2 ways to save a campaign.

  • Create Campaign (Recommended): You can create campaigns to run with multiple batches at different interval of time or schedule to run later by clicking this button. Learn more about campaigns here:
  • Start Now: You can start the campaign right away by clicking this button. Software will run such campaigns only once and complete the message count set by you in one run. If you want to run daily or run in multiple batches click "Create Campaign" button.

Step 11) Check Reports

Once you have saved a campaign you will be redirected to campaign manager screen, where you can check a full report about your message campaign showing to whom a message has been sent and by which profile.

We hope you have learned how to send a direct message with FaceDominator. Getting trouble in adding accounts contact support.